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To Be Better Assisted, We Need The Following!

Log into Your Tenant Portal; if you haven’t registered:

Once in your account…

  • Take as many pictures as necessary and give as much detail as you can.
  • By submitting the issue, you are agreeing our techs have permission to enter.
  • If you have a pet, please let us know on the Meld so our techs can ensure they are cautious when opening the door for their own protection. In addition, if you will not be home all animals need to be secured.

Have an Emergency?

For EMERGENCY SITUATIONS, Please call our 24/7 Emergency Service Line at (269) 312-5152 and follow the prompts. Be sure to leave a voicemail or we will not be able to call you back.


The following are considered emergency issues:
Emergency maintenance issues are those considered threats to life, property, and alter the immediate habitability of the home. Tenants incur a $50.00 charge for calling the emergency line when the situation does not warrant its use.
The following are NOT considered emergency issues:

High Priorities

Low Priorities

Do It Yourself


No, each unit is gone through and repaired so everything works when you move in.
There is only one kind of harmful black mold, all others can be killed with bleach and paper towels.
If you caused the issue/damage, yes, if it’s from age of item or failue, no.

Yes, as long as you pay the pet fee associated with the pet.

No, please on the portal, by mail or drop the check in the Dropbox at the main office.

Unfortunately, no, because we don’t want to be liable if the set were to fall.

You can request work by putting a work order through your tenant portal.

No, please call the office with ANYTHING to do with your lease or rent payments. Techs don’t know anything. about your specifics.

NO, the trash service at our properties is for TENANTS only.

No, with your permission, we can enter your unit and take care of the issue without your home.

It all depends on the severity of the problem. Active water leaks and sewer backups take precedent over most things. Usually, within a day of the request being submitted, we will have one of our technicians assess the problem. If it requires an outside vendor, it may be a week out depending on their schedules.

Residents are only billed for damage done by them to a property such as holes in walls or clogged waste pipes. If it was for a non-emergency related issue that was called in on the emergency line, it could be billable.

Anything that affects the immediate habitability of the home such as flooding, active water leaks, or loss of heat.

We work very hard between tenancies to make sure the property is spotless and free of pests. Insect eggs can be attached to furniture or clothing that are brought in from second hand stores, other people’s homes or even hotels. Mice will get in and stay if there is a food supply. Keeping all food, including what’s in your pet’s dish, sealed and stored is the best way to prevent them from making your house theirs.